Parrot: Essay, Short Note, Long Paragraph Essay

In Parrot essay we are going to study about the parrots and its importance. Here we wrote some short and long essay on parrot for students essay writing.

10 Lines on Parrot Essay for Class 1:

  1. The parrot is a small and intelligent pet bird.
  2. It is a very beautiful and lovely looking bird.
  3. Mostly it is found in the warm regions.
  4. They can imitate the human voice.
  5. Some species of parrot are excellent talkers.
  6. They can speak simple words if they teach for some time.
  7. It generally lives in the hollows of trees.
  8. It likes to eat buds, fruits like mango, apple, etc.
  9. The parrot can fly very fast.
  10. I like parrots very much.
essay on parrot

15 Lines Essay on Parrot Essay:

  1. Its quills are green and there are black rings around its neck.
  2. Its beak is curved and red.
  3. Its beak is strong enough to break the hardest of nuts.
  4. Parrot has a red tongue, two round eyes, and a long tail.
  5. It likes to eat fruits, chilies, buds, grains, nuts, etc.
  6. It also eats some small insects.
  7. It is normally 6 to 8 inches in height.
  8. They have strong legs that are very useful to climb up trees.
  9. There are more than 350 species of different sizes and colors found around the world.
  10. It lives in gardens and builds its nest in the hollows of trees.
  11. Most parrots are social birds living in groups called flocks.
  12. On the ground, parrots often walk with a rolling gait.
  13. Parrots are among the most intelligent birds.
  14. Pet parrot is generally kept in a cage which is probably not appropriate.
  15. Some people trained parrots to do wonderful things.

350+ Words Essay on Parrot in English:

A parrot is a bird with which everyone is well acquainted. Parrot is one of the most popular and beautiful birds in the world. Its feathers are green with the black round ring at the neck. Its beak is read and hard mainly used to break the hard nuts and seed to eat food.
Parrot’s scientific name is Psittaciformes and it is omnivorous i.e. they eat plants product as well as an animal product means small insects. But mainly parrots eat fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.
There are approximately more than 364 species of parrots in the world and each species have different color and different habitant of living. The size of a parrot varies from 4 inches to 35 inches and in weight, it ranges from 64 grams to 1.6 Kg. 
The world’s heaviest parrot is Kakapo approximately near 4 kg and the smallest species is Pygmy parrot species about 10 grams. Some parrots have red strips in their feather which looks adorable. 
Parrots fly very quickly. Parrots live all over the world but maximum species live in the tropical region mostly in dense rainforests. Due to a humid and warm climate, many species of parrots are found in India. Parrots make to live in hollow trees and lay the eggs. The give eggs twice in a year.
Parrots are very social birds and like to live in a group called pandemonium i.e. flock of parrots. As everyone knows parrots are very intelligent birds and they can learn the human language if it teaches well. They can understand human language and posture. Parrots are also pet birds and they enjoy living with a human. 
Due to extreme change in the climate, many parrot species are extinct and many are on the endangered line. Many species have migrated from their habitat place which is harmful to that kind of species and also for nature.
There are many pet shops where the parrots are sold. In many places, parrots and other unique birds are kept from the forest for hunting and smuggling. This is a very bad habit that impacts negatively on nature. To preserve nature all kinds of birds and animals are necessary because they all play a different and important role in nature.


So today is the need to conserve the species of parrots and other birds to save them from extinction. There should be a law for the bird to make them pets because it is wrong to lock them into the cage. They also have the right to fly free in the lap of nature.
Some people use parrot to do prediction which is also a crime to make people fool on the name of religion. In some places hunting of birds is famous and used to eat. This is also a crime and needs to aware of the people about the importance and need of the birds and animals.

essay on parrot


20 Indian Green Parrots Species:

Moustache Parakeet
Origin:       India
Life span:  20-25 years
Plum headed Parakeet 
Origin:       India
Life span:  20-30
Long tailed parakeet
Origin:       Nicobar, Sumatra
Life span:   20-25
Finsch’s Parakeet
Origin:       India, Myanmar
Life span:   30-40 years
Vernal hanging parakeet
Origin:        India 
Life span:   10-15 year
Malabar Parakeet
Origin:        India 
Life span:    20-30 year
Bearded parakeet
Origin:         India
Life span:    20-35 years
Seychelles Parakeet
Origin:         India
Extinct by 1906
Echo Parakeet
Origin:         Madagascar
Extinct by 1970
Layard’s Parakeet
Origin:       Sri Lanka
Life span:   20-30 years
Rose ringed parakeet
Origin:        India
Life span:   20-30 year
Newton’s parakeet
Origin:        Mauritius island
Extinct by 1875
Blyth’s / Nicobar Island
Origin:       Nicobar Island
Life span:   20-40 year
Blossom headed Parakeet
Origin:        South Asia
Life span:   20-35 year
Red Breasted Parakeet
Origin:        Indonesia 
Life span:   20-35 years
Slaty headed parakeet
Origin:         India
Life span:    30-40 years
Rose Faced Parrot
Origin:         India
Life span:    40-50 years
Intermediate Parakeet
Origin:         India
Life Span:    20-30 years

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