Essay on Diwali | Diwali essay in English

Hello, friends as I mentioned in my blog title here in this blog you will read the essay on Diwali in English where I mentioned every important topic about Diwali like the history of Diwali, celebration of Diwali, when we celebrate Diwali, why we celebrate Diwali and why should we celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali. So following … Read more

Short essay on Holi | History of Holi

Holi means burning, burning of evil the negative energy which is spread over the world and surrounded us very badly. In our Hindu mythology, many legends explained the word “Holi”.         Essay on Holi So Holi is an ancient festival of India and still celebrated with a huge craze. Now day’s Holi … Read more

Essay on Holi in English

Holi, Holi means colours the festival of colours. This is a Hindu festival but it is also celebrated outside from India. The craze of this festival increasing year by year. All the people from the youngest to old love to celebrate this festival. On this day everyone becomes a child and plays this festival of … Read more

Important Days and dates in December

Important Days in December 1st Dec World Aids Day 2nd Dec World Computer literacy day International day of abolition of slavery 3rd Dec International Day of People with disabilities World conservation day 4th Dec Navy Day 5th Dec International volunteer day for economic and social development 7th Dec Armed Forces Flag Day International civil aviation … Read more