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We do not except any copied and plagiarized article which can lead to copy right issue. Here we only accept unique, original and qualitative article.
Read the following guidelines before the content writing for this blog or site.

Guidelines must be followed:

Your article should be relevant to our site content, if your article is not matching to our site content we will not publish your article.
  1. The idea behind the article should be yours so you can make your content more unique and qualitative.
  2. Please do not submit copied article from books, magazines or from any other documents. Because it will generate plagiarism on our site and of we found such mistakes we will delete your previous articles from our site.
  3. Make sure that your article do not contain any words which can harm any religious or human dignity.
  4. Your article should not spread any violence.
  5. Your article should not contain any sensitive issue.
  6. Any type of advertisements are not allowed inside the article.
  7. Article must be written in proper English.
  8. Your article should contain at least 500 words.

How to contact us.

·       Contact to us on our E-mail id.
·       Subject – Blog article.
content – Your name
  Place name
  Send us 3 article ideas.
·       After this we will give you feed back with one article idea that you have suggested.
·       Now you can write an article on it and send attachment to us through E-mail.
·       We will give you the author credit at the end of article.

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