My school essay in English | essay on my school

My school essay in English
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My School Essay in English

My school, this is the word that we are going to miss when we will pass out of our school. These are the best memories which we never want to forget in short this is the most valuable time in our life. This essay is about my school that is mostly asked in lower classes but also asked to hire classes and asked to write an article on my school. So provides different and new ideas about the on my school essay writing.


10 lines on my school essay lower classes.

  1.  The < school name > is my school.
  2.  I do study in < class name > in my school.
  3.  My school has a big and beautiful campus.
  4.  My school has a big playground.
  5.  In my school, we perform so many cultural activities.
  6.  My school has a big library.
  7.  My school has a big modern science lab.
  8.  My school has a brilliant and trained teaching staff.
  9.  I love to study in my school.
  10.  I love my school.

10 lines on my school essay.

  1.  < School name > is my school which is situated at < place   name/ city name>
  2.  I do study in < class name> where I have so many friends.
  3.  Mr. < teacher name > is our class teacher.
  4.  My school has a well-trained and educated staff.
  5.  My school is surrounded by trees which spread fresh air all   over the school.
  6.  My school has a big library with sufficient verities of bools.
  7.  My school organizes so many cultural and sports events to   explore their student’s abilities.
  8.  My school has a big setup of computer and science labs to   gain practical knowledge.
  9.  My school is one of the most reputed schools in the city.
  10.  My school has < number of strengths> number of students.
My school essay in English
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Long Essay on My School in English:

My school as the word describes it is the most essential  and important requirement of all the students. Initial schooling set the base of every student and also it gives us the memories which we never forget. This is the most quality time of our life which decides our future and now I am starting to describe my school.
< School name > is my school which is situated at < place name > and I do study in <class name> class. My school campus is big and infrastructure is designed to nature friendly. It is surrounded by a large number of trees to provide the fresh air all around the campus. It has approximately 2000 strength of students. My school has a unique uniform dress code that separates us from the other school’s students. My school is affiliated with the CBSE board which allows us to compete at a higher level. My school has 50 staff member i.e. teachers who are well educated, trained and experienced and we learned a lot of new things from their experience. Mr. /miss. It is my class teacher who is a very intelligent and friendly nature and maintained class properly.
In my school we do not study only theory books we also study general awareness to know the problems around us. In our school, we are educated and trained to develop the skills to not to depend on others.
My school has a good infrastructure so it feels comfortable for every student. It has a big library and well furnished. It has full facilities for the students of books and newspapers. When we got some free time we went to the library to read the newspapers. My school has its transportation facilities topic and drop the students which decreased the parent’s tension feel free to send students to school.
My school has a big playground where we play so many sports. There are also first aid facilities in school and have one personal ambulance. My school organizes so many sports events and also participates in inter-school and state-level events. And yes, not only sports events also cultural events, my school takes part in many state and national level cultural events. This shows that my school is not only focusing on the study it provides maximum opportunities to their student to develop different skills.
My school has more than two modern science labs which are fully facilitated to turn theoretical knowledge into practical practices which rise the extra interest in children to study with more enthusiasm. My school has also two big computer labs where we do study and practice the computer and learned so many new programming languages to catch up with the upcoming demand for employment.
In my school, there is also the facility of the smart classroom which makes the study more interesting for the student. There is also a school canteen which is well cleaned and we do our lunch there. In the canteen, the items are not as expensive as in other canteens. They provide us fresh healthy food and eating items that prevent us from food poisoning.
My school also provides us the scholarship programs which help lots to parents to pay fewer fees. The initial scholarship provides on the bases of parents’ economic conditions and the number of the child of the same parents’ study in school. If more than one child of the same parent’s studies in the school then there is 20% relaxation in the fee. But there are also so many other scholarship programs for other talented students on the bases of sport, culture, and study that mean who perform well in the academics, who perform good in sports and cultural programs school provides them scholarship which inspires the students to perform better.
So, at last, I would like to say that these are the memories that I never want to forget. My school gives me the direction and bring out the best from me. I feel luckiest to have such a good school where I learned so many skills and provides the opportunity to perform on so many big stages. I love my school.


These are some the frequently asked questions by the peoples:

Q 1. How do you write a school essay?

Firstly select the limit of words that mean how long should be your essay.
Then make the heading regarding the essay
Write the relevant content under the heading it gives unique and good look to your essay and article.
Start essay with your opinion and introduce your topic.
Write less but use quality words between the essays.
Write only relevant content do not write un-relevant paragraph.
At the end close your essay with conclusion and moral which defines your essay motive in less words.

Q 2. What is school simple words?

School also called vidyamandir is a place where we or people go to learn the skills and education so they can make them to capable for the employment and communication with other people.
Now day’s initial education is necessary for every people to survive in this world. In school there are well educated and well trained teacher who helps us to learn the things.

Q 3. Is school important in life?

Yes schooling is very important in life. It gives the initial direction to our life and teach us our ethics and responsibility. it make us skillful to survive in the world with respect.

Q 4. Why do we need a school?

We can learn anywhere but in school the elite people teach us basic ethic and our responsibilities toward the society.

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