My Favorite Teacher Essay

Essay on my Favorite Teacher; Teacher is the person who designed the nature and direction of his student’s or disciple’s life. We all should respect our teachers for their efforts which they put on us. In our Puranas teacher is described as:

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः
गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

Guru i.e. Teacher is verily the compared with the Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.
So here we are going to discuss some paragraphs on My Favorite Teacher.


10 Lines on My Favorite Teacher in English (class 1 to 5):

  1. I like and do respect of all my teachers but Miss. Ritu Mehra is my most favorite Teacher.
  2. She is also our class teacher and takes our very first class.
  3. She is a science teacher but she has all-around knowledge.
  4. She is a very intelligent and well-trained teacher.
  5. She teaches us a very simple and interesting way.
  6. She is very kind and down to earth.
  7. She is the most loved teacher in our school.
  8. She is very helpful and participates in many campaigns.
  9. She is a very punctual and disciplined teacher.
  10. She teaches us good habits and moral values.
  11. She is my favorite and ideal teacher.

500+ Words Essay About My Teacher (class 6 to 8):

A Teacher is one who imparts in the student a motivation to learn and to be acceptable. With this message, I am writing an article about my favorite Teacher. I am an understudy of 10th class in a government school, which is a repeated school in the city. It is a very big school with more than 2200 students. There are around 60 teachers with lab attendants in our school. All are good and well-trained teachers but among all of the teachers, Mr. Rakesh Verma is my favorite teacher. He is an English teacher.

He had done his studies in the US and returned to Mumbai to be an English teacher. He is well educated and had gathered good skills in the teaching profession. He has a postgraduate degree in English and had 10 years long teaching experience. He has a good command of his subject. He cares about us like his children and gives us the right direction. He solves our problems whether it is related to study or our personal life.
His vast knowledge often surprised us when he shares with us the outer world’s general knowledge. He always relates the bookish knowledge with our daily life through good and understandable examples. This makes him different from other teachers.

He is also a member of the school advisory committee. He gives his opinion fairly without any fear. By this quality, the Principal Sir also likes him and does his respect. He is very down to earth and treats every student as same. We learned so many things regarding the life from him. This is the education which we never learned from books.

He is very fit by physically and always told us to do exercise daily, it is essential for good health. He gives us tips on our health and career. He always tells us the flaws and mistakes that we do during the selection of our career goals. He always motivates us which helps lot me to proceed in the path of success.

He is very simple and wears simple and plainclothes always. He never speaks in high volume whatever would be the situation. He handles every situation easily without taking so much stress. He takes every situation like a challenge and this habit makes me his fan. He is very calm and smooth. I never see anyone like him.

In our parents’ teacher meeting he never does false praise of the students. Yes, he appreciates students for their works but he never put overconfidence in the student. He always tells overconfidence and ego both are the biggest enemy of any student and it is very difficult to overcome this. So always remember whatever you will become in the future you will always be a student. At every point of life, there is something new for you and you have to learn that every lesion otherwise you will never pass that phase of life.

He always tells us that if we want to achieve our goal and become successful in life be greedy to knowledge. There is a lot of knowledge which we have to learn in every phase of our life. I feel proud to have such a great teacher in my life. He is my most favorite teacher and I never going to forget him for what he taught to me. I always pray to God for his long life.

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My Favorite Teacher Essay in English 1000+ Words:

Teacher, this is the word that has been given the highest rating in the lifetime of a human being. The first Guru of man is said to his parents who give him the first knowledge of life. A teacher spends his entire life in creating a bright future for his disciples. He is the teacher who teaches man to differentiate between right and wrong. A teacher is as important as a parent in a human’s life. The teacher not only educates but also gives correct guidance from his experience. So today, we are writing an essay on my favorite teacher in the same subject, which is often asked in exams.

My name is Mohan and I am a student of class 12th in school. Today I am going to write a few lines on my favorite teacher, but before that, we understand the importance of a teacher in the life, why it is necessary to have a good teacher in the life of a student? The first teacher of a student is his parent who teaches him the basic functions of life. Such as walking, eating, getting up, sitting, speaking, etc. are taught which are the basics of life. And this is where our student life begins.

My life also started in this way. I changed my school in 7th class, where I met many children and Rohan became my best friend because we have been together since childhood. Both of us were very naughty and often our parents complained about us in the school, but where were we going to improve. But in class 8th, a new science teacher came to the school. Initially, they ignored our mischief, but before the annual examination, we had our class test, in which only two of us failed and the rest of the class were pass the test. He asked to wait after the holiday and we started waiting for the holiday.

As soon as the holiday took place, they called us to their office and asked why we failed. Therefore, we also started having some fun but what did we know that anything like this would happen. He got the stick out of the back of the cupboard and then what, there is darkened in front of our eyes for next 10 minutes, and after that, he said there will be retest on tomorrow or else if you failed again tomorrow I will crush you in front of the class. We both went home without talking to each other. As soon as class started on the second day, both of us were tested again. Not much but we both passed that test.

Sir again called us to the office and we walked into the office afraid. Sir was very happy to see us and also gave a bar of chocolate and said that if you want to be successful in life, you will have to work hard, it is also important to enjoy, but it does not mean that you do not pay attention to studies. I cannot forget the moral lecture that Sir gave that day in my entire life. That day punishment was our first and last. We never looked back after that day.

From that day he became a favorite teacher to us. Whatever problem we had, we used to ask them without any hesitation. Not only related to studies, we used to share our life’s troubles with him and he also shared his experience with us. For him, every candidate was the same, he did not discriminate. Once a week, he used to leave his studies in class and teach us from his experience and motive. Whenever we saw them, new energy was communicated, there are very few people whose personality is so motivational.

He became not only our favorite teacher but also the whole class’s favorite teacher. I have not met a teacher of personality like him to date. He will be the favorite teacher of my whole life even if I do meet any number of teachers. The lesson he taught in life will remain with me for a lifetime. Seeing them, I set the direction of my career and moved towards becoming a teacher like him.

His style of teaching was different from all teachers. He used to use book knowledge less but his experience more to explain any subject. We did not have to read that topic again because they connected our daily life with it. That knowledge did not remain confined in books but used to be included in our daily routine. We also used to examine whatever was in the lab. He did not keep us confined in any one topic. He also told us additional important things that were not available in our books. Due to this, our interest in studies increased day by day.

He was not only our but also a favorite of other teachers and principal. He never had any estrangement with any other teacher but he never supported anything wrong. He used to fearlessly put his side without any bias and this was what made him very special and different. He had his ideals which he followed with hard work.

He was fond of books and listening to music. Whenever he got time, he used to read newspapers or some books great ideal authors. He always used to get up at 5:30 in the morning and go to the morning walk, this habit kept him so fit and refreshed. He always used to tell us to use the time properly, do not waste time in vain once it has passed, it will never come back. And for a healthy body, exercise is as important as a nutritious food.

I feel luckiest to have such a teacher who has a lot of experience of life and guide us with full of interest. I learned not only academic knowledge but also the knowledge of life which comes only with the experience. So I want to thank him to give direction and specific goal to my life. I pray to God for his good and healthy life.

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