My Best Friend Essay in English

My Best Friend Essay in English
Friendship is essential to living a joyful life. Friends help at a time when we need them. But the Best Friend is the person in anyone’s life on whom we trust the most. We should have one friend in our friend circle with whom we can share anything without any doubt and fear. This is the person who helps us in every situation rather it is happiness or sad moment. The best friend is a person who gives always good and fair advice to us. A best friend never wants to discourage you so we should have such a friend in our life. So in this article, we are discussing some lines on my best friend which are often asked in school level exams and also college-level exams. So here you will get some ideas and new unique lines to my best friend essay writing.
Nowadays there are a lot of friends out but every friend is not a good friend. Many greedy people use friendship for selfishness. It is very difficult to choose or find a true and good friend. So we have to be aware of such peoples and find that one true companion called best friend, it may be girl or boy gender doesn’t matter for the true and real companion.

10 Lines on My Best Friend Essay in English:

  1. I have many friends at my school.
  2. But < Name> is my best friend
  3. He/she is a friendly nature.
  4. He is very intelligent.
  5. He is one of the class toppers.
  6. He is < years> year old.
  7. We play together.
  8. We do lunch together and share.
  9. We also share the class bench.
  10. I love my best friend.

10+ More Quality Lines on My Best Friend Essay for class 2

  1. I have so many friends in my school and neighbour.
  2. But < Name> is my best friend.
  3. He is < years> year old.
  4. We celebrate his birthday every year.
  5. He is staying in my neighbour.
  6. We go to school together and also come home together.
  7. We sit on the same bench in the school.
  8. We play together at school and also at home.
  9. He is a intelligent boy and helps me to do homework.
  10. He is a good friend.
  11. I pray to God to give him a long and successful life.

My Best Friend Essay in English 100 to 200 Words:

I have many friends but Nikhil is my best friend. We do study in the same class. He is my neighbour. We go to school together and also come back home together. He is very intelligent. He tops the class every year. My all school teachers always praise him. He helps me a lot in my studies. He helps me to do my homework and class projects. He is a good sportsman. We play games together at home as well as in school. He very helpful, he does the help of every student in the class. He is also the class monitor and represents the class in many school events. I always wish a happy birthday to my best friend. We always celebrate his birthday together. I love my best friend. He is not just a best friend he is also my ideal. He very caring and always support me. I am is lucky to have such a best friend. I always pray to god give him success in his life goal and may live long.
My Best Friend Essay in English

500 Words Essay on My Best Friend:

Friendship describes the emotions of persons. A person can have a lot of friends to enjoy together but there are only a few of them with whom they feel free to express their emotions. We do so many things in our professional as well as in personal life but we never share all things with everyone. We are attached to only one or two persons who are the best for us. We share everything with them without any fear. We have full faith in them and they had too on us. So when we said the best friendship that means a lot for us.
So as I have also so many friends around me but Akhil is my best friend. We first time met in 3rd stranded. In starting we did not talk much but after 5 to 6 months the teacher said us to sit together. On that day onward we always share the bench that means we sit together always. Our friendship bond started on that day and continuing.
When we first time set together I don’t know him very much but his friendly and humble nature makes me very comfortable talking with him. Within 2 or 3 days our friendship came very close. I felt like, I know him for a long time. After one week I came to knew that he is my neighbour.
 Then what, we played together and went together to school. Not only that time, still we go out together. We also go to each other’s family vocational trip. Our family know each other very well and celebrate functions and festival together. This makes our friendship more strong.
We share our secrets. We both have faith in each other which is the main and most important thing for best friendship. We go to the market together and also we went on many trips together.
He is very intelligent and holds the top position in the class for a long time but he has no ego of this. His nature is very helpful and humble. Akhil helps me a lot in my studies. He helps me to do my homework and projects. During the exam, we do study together and I ask my doubts from him without any hesitation. He is also the class monitor and every student in the class does his respect. 
We play together at home as well as in school. He is also a good sportsman. We play so many sports together but his favourite sport is badminton. I also play badminton but I like to play cricket. But still, we play a lot of games together.
He is the captain of the school badminton team and represents the school in many tournaments. Akhil had good leadership qualities and he uses it very well. He has a good team sprite and leads the team from the front. As I said he is very intelligent he also a member of the school quiz team and won many competitions.
He does the respect of all the elders and younger. Every people prays him because he is very down to earth with a lot of talent. He is not only my best friend he is also my ideal. I learned so many things and good habits from him. I feel lucky to have a friend like Akhil in my life. I always pray to God to help him in his life and give a long successful life.



In a survey report, they found that friendship is very important in life to reduce stress. Because with friends we went out to chill out together and share the things which help to reduce the stress. The peoples who have not such a friend circle are more stressed as compare to those who have friends. So good friendship is healthy for life.
So be aware of greedy peoples and choose the true one who cares about you. So here we provide some idea regarding “My Best Friend Essay in English”. From here you can take tips and essay writing ideas for exams and other purposes.

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