Important Days and dates in December

Important Days in December 1st Dec World Aids Day 2nd Dec World Computer literacy day International day of abolition of slavery 3rd Dec International Day of People with disabilities World conservation day 4th Dec Navy Day 5th Dec International volunteer day for economic and social development 7th Dec Armed Forces Flag Day International civil aviation … Read more

Important Days in November

        Important Days in November 1st Nov World vegan day 5th Nov World Radiography day 9th Nov World services day 14th Nov Children’s Day in India Jawaharlal Nehru birthday 16th Nov International day for Endurance 17th Nov World Student day National Journalism day 18th Nov World Adult day 19th Nov World Citizen … Read more

Important Days in October

        Important Days in October 1st Oct International day of the Older person 2nd Oct Mahatma Gandhi birthday International day of non-violence 3rd Oct World Habitat Day, World nature day 4th Oct World Animal Welfare Day 5th Oct World Teacher’s day 8th Oct Indian Air Force Day 9th Oct World Post Office … Read more

Important Days in September

Important Days & dates in  September 5th Sept Teachers’ Day (Dr. Radhakrishnan’s birthday), Forgiveness day 8th Sept World Literacy Day 14th Sept Hindi day World First Air Day 15th Sept Engineer’s day in India 16th Sept World Ozone Day 21st Sept Alzheimer’s Day, International day of peace 25th Sept Social justice day 26th Sept Day … Read more

Important Days in August

In This blog we provide the list of all important days in August with the dates and its occurrence reason . So here you can read the reason behind the celebration of some national and international important days in August. Important Days  and days in August 2nd Aug International Friendship Day 3rd Aug Independence Day … Read more

Important Days in July

In this article you will read about the important days in July and dates that comes in month of July which is important to memorize for the purpose of competitive exam preparation. Important Days  and dates in July 1st July   National Doctor’s day. National Postal Worker Day Canada Day Chartered Accountants Day 2nd July … Read more