Important Days in May

Important Days in May
Important Days and dates in May
1st May
International Labour Day
3rd May
Press Freedom Day
4th May
Coal miner’s day
May (2nd Sunday)
Mother’s Day
8th May
World Red Cross Day
9th May
Victory day
11th May
National Technology Day
12th May
International Nurses day
14th May
World Migratory day
15th May
International Day of the Family
17th May
World Telecommunication Day (Information Society Day)
21st May
Anti-terrorism day
24th May
Commonwealth Day
31st May
Anti-Tobacco Day

Important Days List With Their Cause:

1st May: International Labour Day

World Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 every year to commemorate the achievements of workers. In many countries, this day is declared as an annual holiday. This day is also known as “International Workers Day”. There is a difference in the dates of celebrating Labour Day in countries.

3rd May: World Press Freedom Day

This is a symbol of independent journalism around the world. This day is celebrated as World Press Independence Day to show the importance of freedom of journalism.

International Sun Day

May 3 is also celebrated as International Sun Day, which aims to promote the use of solar energy.

4th May: Coal Miner’s Day

Every year 4 may is celebrated as coal miner’s day to give the respect to those people who are working in coal mines. This is the toughest job in the world because coal dust directly affect the lungs and spread the diseases. So that workers without thinking about their life works hard and this coal used in various important industries.

8th May: World Red Cross Day

“World Red Cross Day” is observed every year on 8 May to spread awareness of the ideals of the International Red Cross Movement, this day has been chosen as the birthday (8 May 1828) of the vocal leader of the International Red Cross Committee, Jean Henry Dunant. The aim of the Red Cross movement is to save and promote human life, human health and human dignity.

9th May: Victory Day

Victory Day is celebrated to commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. It was first observed in the 15th republics of the Soviet Union.

11th May: National Technology Day

National Technology Day is celebrated every year on ‘May 11′ in India. In 1998, on the day of ’11 May’, India conducted its second successful nuclear test under Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s prime ministership. This nuclear test was done in Pokhran, Rajasthan. National Technology Day is celebrated to commemorate the achievement of a major achievement in the field of technology.

12th May: International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is celebrated worldwide on 12 May every year on the birth day of ‘Florence Nightingale’, the Noble Nursing Service.

14th May: World Migratory Day

It is celebrated to conduct the awareness raising campaigns to highlight the importance of protection of migratory birds and their natural habitats. On the second end of the week each May, people around the world make a move and arrange events, for example, educational programs, birds’ importance awareness and birdwatching trips to observe WMBD.

17th May: World Telecommunication Day

To make the telecom network spread across the world more powerful and to show its importance, World Telecom Day is celebrated every year on May 17 at the international level. The telecommunication system started from the discovery of telephone in the year 1876 has reached the Internet today.

21st May: Anti-Terrorism Day

The aim behind recognition of this day was to wean away the young from terrorism and the faction of viciousness by including the sufferings of normal residents and showing up with respect to how it is one-sided to the human interest and humankind.

24th May: Commonwealth Day

Harold Macmillan announced in Parliament in 1958, the Empire Day will know as now Commonwealth Day. Commonwealth Day is celebrated in all nations of the Commonwealth.

31st May: World No Tobacco Day

The aim of celebrating World Tobacco Day is to make people aware of the ill effects of tobacco on 31 May, to live life without drugs for 24 hours and to stay away from addiction continuously.

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