Important Days in June

In this blog we provide all the important days in June with date and full detail:

Important Days in June

Important Days & dates in June

4th June
International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5th June
World Environment Day
7th June
International level crossing awareness day
8th June
World ocean day
12th June
World day against child Labour
14th June
World blood donor day
17th June
World day to combat desertification and drought
20th June
World Refugee day
21st June
Father’s day
World Music day
23rd June
United Nation’s public service day
International Widow’s day
26th June
International day against Drug abuse & Illicit Trafficking
27th June
World Diabetes Day

1st June: World Milk Day

Every year since the year 2001, June 1 is being celebrated as “World Milk Day”. Its aim is to give importance of milk as a food item to milk production and to provide opportunities to the people associated with it and It was launched by the “Food and Agriculture Organization” in the year of 2001 for the development of milk production.

5th June: World Environment Day

Celebrated on 5 June as World Environment Day from the year 1972, it aims to motivate people to take appropriate steps to save the environment.

8th June: World Ocean Day

The day was announced in 2009 by the United Nations General Assembly to draw political and social attention towards the importance of the ocean and its related subjects, food security, biodiversity, balance of ecology, etc.

12th June: World day against child Labour

This day is celebrated to aware the people of all around the world to improve the position of street child in the society and raise the awareness regarding the trafficking of child for labour. 

14th June: World Blood Donor Day

‘Blood Donation Day’ is observed every year on 14 June by the World Health Organization. In 1997, the World Health Organization laid the foundation for a 100 percent voluntary blood donation policy. In the year 1997, the organization had set a target that 124 leading countries of the world should promote voluntary blood donation only.

20th June: World Refugee Day

It has been decided to celebrate World Refugee Day every year on June 20, since 2001, the United Nations is celebrating World Refugee Day every year on June 20, the main reason for celebrating this day is to spread awareness among the people.

21st June: World Music Day

World Music Day is celebrated every year on 21 June, due to the different merits of music, there is a day in the name of music in the world. It is a matter of great pleasure for musicians and music lovers that World Music Day is also known as ‘Fête de la Musique’. It means music festival. It started in France in 1982.

Father’s day

Father Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June in every year. This day is celebrated to give respect to fathers who sacrifices of his life and dreams for their kids. President Lyndon B. Johnson released the first presidential proclamation on the honour of fathers in 1966.

23rd June: United Nations Public Service Day

In the year 2002, the United Nations General Assembly announced June 23 as United Nations Public Service Day, a day to honor those who accept responsibility for the service of humanity and service to the public excellence in institutions and Contribute to innovation

International widow day

This day is celebrated in all around the world to attract the attention of people toward the degrading position of widow women in the world. There is lot of blind faith regarding the widow system in the world and also in our country. 

26th June: International day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking

This is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. This day is celebrated on 26 June every year, from 1989.

27th June: World Diabetes Day

In 1991 on the day of 27 June world health organization (WHO) announced the first Diabetes day. It is celebrated to acknowledge the people of worldwide regarding the symptom and cure of diabetes. 

29th June: National Statistics Day

Mahalanobis is also the founder of the Indian Statistical Institute, known for his drafts in the Second Five-Year Plan, the birth anniversary (29 June 1893) of Prashant Chandra Mahalanobis, the renowned scientist and statistician of India, is celebrated every year as National Statistics Day.

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