Important Days in February

February is the second month of the year and it has the list number of days as compare to the other months but there are many important days in February month. It has 28 days but in leap year i.e. every 4th year one day is increased and total no of days are 29. In Hindu calendar it is also called as Falgun and winter is going and summer is coming in this month. There are many important days which are celebrated in this month and they all are very important as exam point of view. Not only for exams, it is important to know the self-awareness.
So here in this post we provides some important day’s list with their cause with best of our knowledge.
Important Days in February

Important Days & Dates in February

1st Feb
Indian Coast Guard Day
2 nd Feb
World Wetlands Day
4th Feb
World Cancer Day
National Day of Sri Lanka
7th Feb
International Development Week
12th Feb
Darwin Day
Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday
13th Feb
Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
14th Feb
Valentine’s Day
18th Feb
Taj Mahotsav
20th Feb
World Day of Social Justice
21st Feb
International Mother Language Day
22nd Feb
World Scout Day
24th Feb
Central Excise Day
27th Feb
World Sustainable Energy Day
World NGO Day
28th Feb
National Science Day

Some Important Days With Their Cause:

1st February: Indian Cost Guard Day

On this day in 1977 the foundation of interim Indian coast guard was laid. It is established to save the invaders’’ goods ships entering the country and damaged the Indian economy. It is one of the main Indian force wing which protect and maintained jurisdiction over the territorial water of India.

2nd February: World’s Wetland day

It is celebrated internationally to save and protect the natural Wetlands and secure the Biodiversity which is in danger. First time it is observed on 1 February 1971 in Ramsar, Iran.

4th February: World Cancer Day, National Day of Sri Lanka

This day is celebrated every year globally and organized by WHO to spread the awareness regarding Cancer. Theme of this cancer day is to empower the action taken against the disease and strengthen the future.
Sri Lanka celebrate this day as Independence Day because they got their freedom from British.

6th February: International day of Zero Tolerance for female genital mutilation

This day is observed internationally on 6th February in every year. This is celebrate to spread the awareness and education in the community regarding the consequences and problems faced by Female in the Society. 

7th February: International Development Week

The first week February is celebrated as the International Development Week. This is celebrated to make people aware from the new roles and career path in the future. It shows the development of the region worldwide and allow people to know more about it. 

12th February: Darwins’ Day, Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

This day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Charles Darwin who was born on 1809. This man is known as father of evolutionary biology. This day is commemorated to highlight his contribution in plant science and bring evolution in the biology.
12 February is also celebrated as the Lincoln Day to commemorate the birthday of great and most popular president in united state history Abraham Lincoln.

13th February: World Radio day, Sarojini Naidu Birth anniversary

World Radio Day is celebrated to spread the awareness regarding the importance of Radio in modern technology. It is also the primary source of communication in many country. It is the best communication method in any disaster.
Sarojini Naidu is the first Indian women president of Indian national congress. She was born in Hyderabad on 13 February 1879. She is one of the most popular women in Indian history for her contribution toward nation.

14th February: Valentine’s Day

This day is celebrated all over the world to spread the love and peace. This day named after the Catholic priest Saint Valentine who live in Roman in 3rd century.

18th February: Taj Mahotsav

This festival starts 18th February and lasted up to 27th February. This festival is celebrated at Delhi, Agra to represent the rich culture heritage of India. Taj Mehal is great example of architect and love. It was built by the great Mugal emperor Shah Jahan in 1631 in the memory of her wife Mumtaj Mahal.

20th February: World Day of Social Justice

This day is observed 20th February every year to tackle the issues like exclusion, poverty and unemployment. The main motive behind the celebration of this day is to raise the awareness and support the people who are facing problems in the society.

21th February: International Mother Language day

This day is observed worldwide to aware the people regarding their culture and language. This is the one main step taken by UNESCO all over worldwide to aware and protect the diversity of rich heritage culture and regional language. This is very important to know the importance to language diversity. It was first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999.

22th February: World Scout Day

This day is marked on the birthday anniversary of the Pioneer of Scouting Lord Baden-Powell. This day is celebrated by millions of scouts all around the world at national and international level.

24th February: Central Excise Day

This day is celebrated to encourage the sprite excise department for extreme job to prevent the country from the corruption and perform the better law in the country for their development.

27th February: World NGO Day, World Sustainable Energy Day

This day is celebrated all over the world to raise the awareness and attention of people regarding the NGOs and their contribution to the humanity.

28th February: National Science Day

This is the one of the bright day in Indian science history. On this day in 1928 Indian physicist “Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman” discovered the “Raman Effect”. This is the great discovery and he was honored by the Nobel Prize in Physics subject in 1930 for his discovery “Raman Effect”.

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