Important Days in August

In This blog we provide the list of all important days in August with the dates and its occurrence reason . So here you can read the reason behind the celebration of some national and international important days in August.

Important Days in August

Important Days  and days in August

2nd Aug
International Friendship Day
3rd Aug
Independence Day of Niger
5th Aug
Independence Day of upper Volta
6th Aug
Hiroshima Day
9th Aug
International day of World’s indigenous people
Quit India Day and Nagasaki Day
12th Aug
International Youth day
15th Aug
Independence Day of India
23rd Aug
International Day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition
29th Aug
National Sports Day
Here the list of important days in August with detail:

1st August: National Mountain Climbing Day

This day is celebrated in the honor of Bobby Mathews and Josh Madigan for the successful climb of 46 high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire is a large country in the UK. This day is celebrated to memorate the historical events.

2nd Friday of August: International Beer Day

This day is originated to gather together with a friend and enjoy the day. This was started in 2007 at Santa Cruz, California and celebrated on the second Friday of August every year.

4th August: Friendship Day

Usually this day is celebrated on first Sunday of August. This tradition to dedicate a day in the honor of friends started in U.S. in 1935. Gradually this tradition gets popularity and now this day is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm.

6th August: Hiroshima Day

This is the day when America dropped the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan. This day is organized in the memories of the people who lost their lives in this bloody war which changes human life and showed the danger from atomic and nuclear weapons.

8th August: Quit India Movement Day

Quit India Movement is also known as August Kranti which was started against the British rulers on 8 August 1942 and this was probably the last movement of Mahatma Gandhi.

9th August: Nagasaki Day

This was the second city of Japan which was attacked by an Atomic bomb on the next day of Hiroshima. These were the black day in world history in which thousands of innocent people was killed.
These two days celebrated as a reminder to all the powers of the world not to repeat this if this happens the whole world is in danger.

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

This day is celebrated on 9 August every year to spread awareness along with the people regarding the protection and rights of indigenous people.

12th August: International Youth Day

This day is celebrated to aim the youth for their protection and education in society. Youth is one of the most parts of our future so it is very important to attract the attention of people towards development. International Youth Day is celebrated worldwide on 12 August every year.

13th August: International Lefthanders Day

International lefthanders day is celebrated since 1976 on 13 august years to promote the left-handed people in the social and professional life. On this day awareness is raises over the people regarding difficulties and problems facing by these peoples.

14th August: Independence Day of Pakistan

On 14 August 1947 Pakistan was declared as a sovereign nation i.e. an independent nation. From that day Pakistan celebrates their independence day every year.

15th August: Independence Day of India

On this day 15 august 1947 India got their independence from the British ruler after a long and hard struggle. This day is celebrated every year to remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters who sacrifice their lives for India’s independence and made a good and independent future for us.

17th August: Indonesian Independence Day

On 17 August 1945 Indonesia declared independence from Dutch colonization. From that day it is celebrated every year on 17 August.

19th August: World Photography Day

World Photography Day is celebrated 19 august every to encourage photographers all around the world and raises awareness regarding the profession of photography.

20th August: World Mosquito Day

This day is celebrated to commemorate the discovery of Sir Ronald Ross in 1897 which says that female mosquitoes transmit malaria to humans.

20th August: Sadbhavna Diwas:

Sadbhavna means goodwill which is celebrated on 20 August every year on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of India’s late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

20th August: Indian Akshay Urja Day

This day is celebrated to spread awareness regarding decreasing sources of energy and usage of renewable energy sources for a better future.

26th August: Women’s Equality Day

In 1971 U.S. Congress designated 26 august as Women Equality Day to spread awareness around the world to give equal rights and respect to women in the society.

29th August: National Sport Day

This day is celebrated in the honor of birthday anniversary of Major Dhyan Chand who was a great hockey player. The purpose of the celebration of this day is to increase the confidence and enthusiasm of players and spread awareness regarding sports around the country.

30th August: Small Industry Day

This day is celebrated 30 august every year to encourage and promote the small scale industries and support them. These types of industries provide many employment opportunities for the local peoples and also other states’ peoples.

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