Short essay on Holi | History of Holi

Holi means burning, burning of evil the negative energy which is spread over the world and surrounded us very badly. In our Hindu mythology, many legends explained the word “Holi”. Essay on Holi So Holi is an ancient festival of India and still celebrated with a huge craze. Now day’s Holi is not just a … Read more

Essay on Holi in English

Holi, Holi means colours the festival of colours. This is a Hindu festival but it is also celebrated outside from India. The craze of this festival increasing year by year. All the people from the youngest to old love to celebrate this festival. On this day everyone becomes a child and plays this festival of … Read more

Republic Day essay | republic day celebration

Why 26 January is an important day for India? On this day 26 January our constitution was implemented for every people of the nation. On this day our nation became a republic in actual by the establishment of such a constitution.  Indian Republic day i.e. 26 January is a national holiday on which every people of India celebrate their … Read more