Essay on Save Water Save Life in English

Water is the second most crucial element after air on earth for surviving of living beings. The level of freshwater is now decreasing at a massive rate due to global warming and excessive water pollution. Increasing population is one of the reasons for this. So today we need to understand the demand of our future … Read more

Essay on Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam for Students

Essay on A P J Abdul Kalam on his life, his education, his contribution, and all the necessary points which played the main role in his life are described in the following paragraphs. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam was a great human and devotes his full life for his nation without any self interest.   … Read more

Essay on Importance of Tree and Forest

We have actually been given many valuable gifts from our mother earth to take care of our lives. One of them is the most important gift is tree or forest. It is an important means of food and roof for both humans and animals on earth. The tree is a natural home for many tribes … Read more

Essay, Speech: Guru Purnima | Budh Purnima

        Guru Purnima Essay in English: Guru Purnima is a traditional and cultural festival of India known as Vyas Purnima in our country. We have a country where Guru is considered God. This day is celebrated for all teachers and on this day Veda Vyas was born who created all the four … Read more

Essay on Dog | My Pet Dog

The dog has been with us since the beginning of civilization. It is a very loyal servant and a true friend. Domestic animals are many but it is special and unique among them all. A dog is the only animal that can give its life for its owner when the time comes. It is considered … Read more