Essay on Save Water Save Life in English

Water is the second most crucial element after air on earth for surviving of living beings. The level of freshwater is now decreasing at a massive rate due to global warming and excessive water pollution. Increasing population is one of the reasons for this. So today we need to understand the demand of our future and use water wisely. 

10 Lines on Save Water

  1. Water is the element due to which life is possible.
  2. Water is not only crucial for human it is also essential for animals, trees, every living being.
  3. Water is one of the critical element for living beings.
  4. Without water, it is impossible to survive.
  5. There is 71% of the earth’s area covered by water.
  6. There is a vast amount of water on earth, but only 3% of its total is usable.
  7. Water in the see is not usable for human and animals.
  8. We receive fresh water from rain, rivers, ponds, and underground water.
  9. The level of freshwater is decreasing day by day due to pollution.
  10. If we did not save water now, it would end one day.

Paragraph on save water save life

Water is a living herb for living beings, which plays a vital role in keeping us alive. Water is one of the essential elements that are needed for life to flourish. It is impossible to start life without water.
So it is essential to know the importance of water in our life. Earth is only the planet in our solar system where water is available and that too in its all three stages, i.e. solid (ice), liquid (water), gas (vapours). Therefore, we should thank full to God and earth’s environment to create such circumstances for creating a life. 
Water is not only necessary for human; it is also essential for animals, plants, trees, every living being on earth. Many aquatic animals like fish, mammals (whales), mollusks etc. live in water and cannot live on an open surface. Water biodiversity is only due to a large amount of water on earth.
The ecosystem in water is essential for creating balance on earth. Life of fishers’ is only dependent on see or fishes. There are many plants and creature who live in see. Beginning of life is also started from water.

Short note on the importance of water

Water is not only used for drinking; it is also used for various purpose. Water is used for domestic purpose like cooking, washing, cleaning etc. In domestic life, we use much water and waste it without knowing its importance. Freshwater is only usable for this purpose.
Water is also used at a significant level in many industries for fabrication, processing, cooling, washing petroleum refineries etc. Mainly the following industries use water in colossal quantity:
  • Textiles and garment industries
  • Meat production
  • Automotive Manufacturing 
  • The beverage industry and lots of other industries.
Water is most famous for agriculture field. Without water, it is impossible to do farming. In the old days, rainwater is enough for farming, but due to changing, environment rain is not proper and insufficient as per requirement.
So now irrigation is necessary for farming. Due to the lack of irrigation water tons of crops destroyed, and many farmers decided to suicide. This is the major drawback and harm due to lack of water. Moreover, due to the lack of water earth’s dryness is increasing day by day, which leads to converting fertile soil into the desert.

Importance of water conservation(save water save earth):

It is necessary to understand the cause of the decreasing level of usable water. Global warming is increasing day by day, and the only reason behind this is human’s greed to develop himself. We are creating much technology which leads to pollution.
The underground water level is decreasing drastically due to over-extraction of underground water. This led to empty the well and hand pumps. People who are dependent on the well water nowadays they have to collect water from many far.
Due to water pollution, many diseases are occurring in the more unfortunate children who cannot afford the filters. The leading cause behind the pollution of river water is wastage of companies is throwing into it. We also put our wastage in nearer Small River, which led to water pollution at a broad level.

Ways and Methods of Saving Water

Today we need to figure out the methods to save water. Water is necessary for all living being, but human beings consume the most freshwater. There is only 2 to 3% usable water on earth which is present in the rivers, ponds, under groundwater and in the form of glaciers.
The government should take significant and strict steps regarding the conservation of water. However, we should not rely on the government’s action, and it is also our responsibility. Now, it is time to aware the people regarding this big upcoming problem and aware of the people in the right ways.

In our daily life we can save water by following ways:

  • Reduce the bath time and use bucket instead of a shower.
  • Do not through wastewater outside reuse it to water the plants.
  • Avoid the deforestation and plant trees.
  • Use less water for washing clothes.
  • Do not pollute the water and take participation in the water-saving campaign.
  • Store the rainwater through the roof by installing channels on the roof.


So these are some examples related to daily life that how can we save water. We have to take the responsibility and awareness of the people and children regarding these problems.
We together make clean the rivers and ponds from the pollution which is spread by us. Moreover, we need to take quick action to those companies who use excessive water resources and do not pay attention to purify it. The exhaust water is one of the main reason behind destroying the cultural water ecosystem, and disease spreads in the poorers’ children.
So it’s time to aware and do something for nature; otherwise, our future will not be secure. Now its time to save water save life and save earth.

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