Essay on Importance of Tree and Forest

We have actually been given many valuable gifts from our mother earth to take care of our lives. One of them is the most important gift is tree or forest. It is an important means of food and roof for both humans and animals on earth. The tree is a natural home for many tribes living inside the forest, as well as providing homes to all birds. It protects us from timber, pure air, soil erosion and floods to make furniture, provides cool and fresh air in summer and is a great tool for glue, paper, medicine, rain, etc. We should understand the role and importance of the tree in our lives and with the pledge to keep it safe, people should be motivated to plant more and more trees.

10+ Lines on the Tree in English

  1. Trees are one of the most necessary things on earth.
  2. Trees are living things.
  3. They can grow and take a breath in and out through their levees.
  4. They take carbon dioxide in and release oxygen by photosynthesis.
  5. Oxygen gives us life.
  6. Tree help to reduce pollution.
  7. Tree help to reduce earth erosion.
  8. Their roots help to consolidate the soil and avoid erosion.
  9. Trees also help to cool down the temperature.
  10. They give us cold shade to protect from burning sun in summer.
  11. Trees give us natural food like fruits, berry and so many
  12. Forests are the home of wild animals.
  13. Forest gives us wood to make houses and fuel.
  14. In the forest, we found many valuable herbs which are natural medicines.
  15. Tree help to keep the earth alive that’s why trees and forests are important for us.
Importance of Trees

Importance of Trees Essay in English

Trees are the Sanjeevani herb that means which helps us to alive. If there were no trees on earth then it is impossible to grow life on earth. Trees are not only important for human life, but it is also responsible for all living creature on earth. Trees exhale oxygen which is the base of the creation of creatures on earth. Oxygen provides us life.

Importance of Trees in Human Life

Trees or forests play an important role in the development of human life. We learn so many things from nature. In the initial stage, our technology was based on wood architecture. We made our first weapon from wood stick and stone. We made our shelters from wood and now also we use wood to make houses and shelters. From wood, we made a fire which is the biggest evolution in human history and it changes our whole lifestyle.
From trees, we get many fruits’ variety from which we make different fruit products. We extract many products from forests or trees to study on that and make useful medicine or other profitable products. We find much variety of herbs in the forest which helps us in our medical science. Trees are also used as fuel and one of the biggest examples is coal. This is the product of tree wood which is used on a very large scale.
From trees, we get wood which is used to make our homes and shelters. Trees give us cold air and shade to protect from the sun’s rays. Trees inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen which is the most important work of the trees for humans or other living things. This is the only reason due to which human life is possible on earth.

Importance of Trees on Wildlife

Trees or forests are the home of wild animals. They get everything from the forests. Their life is dependent on the forest. Human can make their shelters on their own but animals can’t. So the forest provides everything to them what they need.
Trees shelter them to protect them from sun and rain. Animals are dependent on trees for their food. Birds make their nests in the trees and hide their eggs and babies from other animals. We found a different variety of animals and birds at different places according to climate. Forests help to keep biodiversity alive and this plays an important role to make the balance in nature.

Importance of Trees for Earth

Trees play an important role to save earth from natural disasters. Trees’ roots are strong and deep inside the soil. Which holds the soil and protect it from erosion by flood and land sliding. Trees make cold air (oxygen is a cold air) which helps to lower the earth’s temperature.
As we know trees generate oxygen which makes the ozone layer stronger. The ozone layer protects us from heave radiation like UV radiation which is the main cause of skin cancer. Trees help to reduce air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and global warming. The main cause of pollution is carbon products which are absorbed by the trees.
It helps to protect soil from sun rays. Trees maintain the earth’s temperature which helps to protect the soil from converting in the desert. Because the high-temperature difference is the main cause of the forming of a desert.

Side Effects of Deficiency of Trees

At present, the forest of trees has been replaced by cement forests, due to which the environment of the entire earth has been affected. What will the loss be due to lack of trees, we will understand through the following points –
  1. Due to deforestation, water, air and noise pollution are increasing in huge quantities due to which various kinds of diseases are spreading in human life especially in kids.
  2. Due to deforestation, the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1 to 2 degrees every year and this is the main cause of the global warming effect.
  3. Deforestation is the main reason behind the drastic change in weather, due to which rain is not getting the right amount in all the places, by which in some places drought, in some places there is flooding and nature is being destroyed.
  4. Due to deforestation, the wild area is decreased and wild animals are compulsively to come into the human communities. Deforestation is the main cause of the extinction of many wild animals and birds’ species.
  5. Pollution has increased so much that people’s lives have been in trouble, in some cities, it has come so far that people now walk with masks on their mouths.
  6. Earth’s atmosphere is disturbed due to lack of trees, due to which earthquakes and tsunamis keep on coming.
  7. Due to deforestation, the desert is continuously expanding.
  8. Due to excessive cutting of trees, the volcanoes that have been kept calm again become active due to which toxic gases are released which are harmful to the whole earth.
  9. Due to the cutting of trees, the life of wildlife animals has been in danger, some of their species have also become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction.
  10. Man’s nature has also become irritable and angry due to the changing climate.

Benefits of Trees

Trees give many benefits to us but we take it as granted and misuse nature.
Trees give us fresh air to breathe. We extract so many useful products from trees like fruits and herbs. Trees provide cold air and shade to the human and also for wild animals. Tree help to decrease pollution and global warming.
Wood is one of the valuable product that extracts from the trees. The wood used to make houses and decoration material. Wood is also used to make furniture and other luxury material. Coal is one other material that is extracted from the fossil of the forest but the formation of coal is a long process and it is a natural phenomenon but now day’s coal is made by artificially for personal use or at small daily level use.

Essential Steps to Save the Trees

Due to large industrialization and increasing, population deforestation takes place at a very large level in a very short period. This increases pollution and decreasing the life of the earth. To protect our life and save earth from such disasters we have to take the essential steps.
We need to decrease the use of wood in our daily life. Aware of the people regarding the negative effects of deforestation and take strong steps against the industries that are taking advantage of their power and cut the forests for their interest and profit.
Awareness is one of the main key steps that should be taken to aware of the people regarding the increasing global problems.
There is so many govt. forest departments that are specially assigned for this type of problem. But people do not cooperate with them. This is a big problem and needs awareness.
One most step is to plant trees. If only one person plant 10 trees in every then just imagine the no of trees that can be grown from this chain. So we have to take the responsibility to save the forests rather than pointing out any govt. body.

Interesting Facts about Trees

  • A group of 50 trees can absorb up to 80 pounds of pollution every year.
  • Planting trees around buildings keeps buildings 30% colder
  • A tree absorbs as much pollution as a car runs 26000 km in a year.
  • A tree absorbs more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life span.
  • The tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year.


Life on earth is possible because of water, oxygen, and trees, and we cannot ignore that trees are the main means for oxygen and water on earth. If we eliminate trees and forests, we will eliminate life and the environment from green earth. Humans are known as the most intelligent beings on earth. That is why we should understand our responsibility towards nature and start saving trees, the green gold of the earth.

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