Essay on Importance of Family for Student

This essay is about Essay on importance of family or My family:
My family is a word that describes your sacrament in society. Family is the first school of a child where he learns the basics of life. Here he learns how to behave with elders and youngers. We have to do thanks to god to give us a beautiful family because there are so many people who don’t have a family. We should do respect our family and give them time because once it is gone it will never come back again and then we will regret that we did not spend time with our family
So with this, we write some lines on my family and essay to give different ideas to the student for their essay writing.
Essay on Importance of Family



10+ Lines on My Family

  1. I have the most beautiful family in the world.
  2. In my family, every people do each other’s respect.
  3. We are 6 members in our family
  4. My father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and sister.
  5. We all are living together for a long time.
  6. My father is ahead in charge of the forest department.
  7. My mother is a teacher and she also teaches at this school.
  8. My grandparents have so much experience.
  9. They teach us how to behave with the peoples.
  10. My favorite member of my family is my grandfather.
  11. We both go to walk in every morning.
  12. He told me a lot of stories and I love to listen to his stories.
  13. My father and mother together hold the family’s economic situation.
  14. Overall I love my family.

A Paragraph on My Family

A family is a place where people live together without any selfishness. This is a social relationship between the people where the people live for each other. By living together we learn so many things through their experience which helps us to make decisions in the future. From our family, we learn our basic ethics which describes our nature and living style in society.
A family teach us how to live in social life and told us our responsibilities regarding society where we are living. A family teaches us how to talk and behave with different age sections of peoples. In a healthy family, we learn too much life experience from our elders.
A family is a group of people who are together by their heart not for some self-interest. For a good family, blood relationship doesn’t matter, matters only respect and will to live together. Friendship is also a family where we enjoy together and help each other without expecting anything. So we need to understand the value of family and its importance in our life. Work and career are important but we should make time for our family where everyone wants to love you.

500 Word Essay on My Family

Family is the most important part of one’s life. A family is a group of people where everyone takes care of each other. Yes, a family has a blood relationship but it doesn’t matter. Family can be a friend circle where people are together without any self-interest. This is the basic or initial school of the child where he learns to live together. We learn so many things in the family and can see their struggle for us.

What is the importance of family in our life?

We find our culture and identity from our family generation to generation. A family taught manners and adequate which are the basic principle and values of one’s. A family teaches us to stand for each other in a bad time. They teach us how to live in a society with respect and pride. They make us realize to understand our responsibilities.

My Family

With this, I want to write some lines on my family. I live in Kolkata and I belong to a middle-class family. We are 6 members in the family, my parents and grandparents, and one brother. I am the youngest one in the family that’s why everyone loves me.
My father and mother both are a teacher and my grandfather is a retired army man and grandmother is a housewife. My favorite member is my grandfather. I often spend most of the time with him and learned so many things from his experience. We go to the morning walk every day and he often told me that the fitness of a body is the most important part of life and his age is about 70 up but he is still fit.

Why I love my family?

So my family has 3 generation which gives me the perfect environment to learn and understand the thoughts of other peoples in the society. They taught me to respect the people and do not react without knowing any proper reason. I learned one most important thing from my parents that is patient which is a hallmark of a powerful man.
I learned about my culture and rituals from them and their importance in our life. My family teach me how to live together in society and never do such things which will destroy your values. My family teaches me to respect elders and love younger. So this is a little brief about my family and reasons that make me love and respect them.


In the end, the family is important and plays an important part in our life. Home is our first school and family members are our first-ever teacher which makes us eligible to live in society. Family is what do sacrifices to each other for their happiness. Parents sacrifices their full life to make children’s life better.
We have thanked God to give such a beautiful gift to us because many people don’t have a family. The original pain doesn’t having a family can only understand who has not such a family. So we should respect this valuable gift and take care of it.

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