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The dog has been with us since the beginning of civilization. It is a very loyal servant and a true friend. Domestic animals are many but it is special and unique among them all. A dog is the only animal that can give its life for its owner when the time comes. It is considered to be the first domesticated animal by humans. There are many breeds of dogs, which are used by humans as domestic animals. Their nature is very helpful and is considered to be the best friend of man.

essay on dog

10 Lines on Dog Essay for Class 1 to 5

  1. Dog is my favourite pet animal.
  2. Dog is the most loving animal in the word.
  3. Dog is most faithful animal.
  4. Dogs are one of the best companion of human.
  5. They love to live with the human colonies.
  6. They save us from strangers and thieves.
  7. Some species of dogs also live in the forest.
  8. There are many variety of dogs all around the word.
  9. Dogs can understand the human’s emotions.
  10. I love to play with my dog.
  11. Dog is my favourite pet animal.

My Pet Dog Essay For Class 2: 100 Words

A dog is a pet. The dog is placed in the category of mammals as it gives birth to babies and lactates like other mammals. Dogs have a deep connection with wolves. It is believed that the dog was first domesticated by humans. There are many species of dogs found all over the world, all of them are domesticated by humans, and some of these species also live in the forests. Dogs are very loyal and helpful. It always befriends humans. The dog gets to know a man’s speech and his nature very quickly. The main diet of dogs is bread, milk, vegetables, and meat is especially liked by the dog. Dogs can be trained and trained easily.

Essay on Dog in English 150 Words

A dog is a pet that is very useful and obedient to humans, hundreds of species of dogs are found all over the world. The dog has four legs and a twisted tail. The dog is counted among the alert animals, even a slight sound is heard very quickly. They are also seen at night. These animal is counted as an omnivorous animal because it can eat vegetarian food as well as non-vegetarian food. Its teeth are very sharp so that it can tear the meat very fast.
Dogs have long and thick hair all over their body. These hair protects them from summer and winter. All dog breeds differ from each other in their colour size and weight. This is an animal that never betrays its owner. I always stay with him and take care of him. They are also very adept at running, they can easily hunt small animals. When dogs go crazy, you are very dangerous.

Favorite Animal Essay on Dog: 250 Words

The dog is a loyal domestic animal. It can also be called a good friend of man, often people keep them in their homes for guarding. Dogs become friends with humans in a few days. This is the reason why a dog is very much liked by humans, which makes him rearing. Akshara, a water-logging dog in the house, is a vegetarian, he feeds himself by eating bread, milk, etc. While the dogs living in the forests are dependent on meat, they feed on the small wild animals. 
Therefore some species of dogs are carnivorous and some are vegetarian. The dog is found in every corner of the world. Many of its species are found in the streets. Some of which are as big as goats, while some species are as small as a cat.
The dog can live for about 8 to 14 years. The power to smell them is very amazing, that’s why the policy Akshara resorts to dogs to find criminals. Some dogs once take a song to a person, they never forget their taste and later they can easily also find from. 
The teeth of the dog are very sharp, which helps in tearing anything. Dogs mostly differ from one another in their color height and shape. Dogs always like to be with humans. It becomes very happy to see its owner. The dogs who go to the water in the house live as a member of the family and they join them wholeheartedly due to their loyalty with all the members of the family. Nowadays, most people also raise dogs to fulfill their hobbies because they have a deep attachment to dogs.

My Pet Animal Essay on Dog: 300 Words

Like other pets, the dog is also a pet animal. The dog is considered very loyal. It is a very useful animal. There are many species of dogs. Some dogs are very intelligent. The dog’s olfactory power (smelling power) is very strong.
That is why the police enlist the help of dogs to catch criminals. The dog is a quadruped animal. It has two eyes, two ears, and a tail. Dogs are of many colors. Its size also varies. Some small like rabbits and some larger than goats.
Rich people keep dogs for housekeeping. The stranger rings the doorbell, dog and the starts barking at the man. Neighbours also become wary after barking at a thief’s call at night, and the thief is forced to flee or is sometimes caught.
Domestic pet dogs are taken care of by their owners. They are tied in chains. Bathing and feeding on time, but there are a large number of stray dogs in the streets. These dogs wander from time to time in search of food.
If they find a piece somewhere, they are driven away from it. These dogs roam in the winter heat and rain. Sometimes the committees take such dogs. Although a dog is a very beneficial animal, it becomes dangerous when it is mad.
It is mandatory to get injections on his bite. If this is not done then there is a possibility of the person going mad. Nomadic people always keep dogs with them. They also contain hunting dogs. Their owners use these dogs to hunt small wild animals.
We find many stories of dog loyalty in books. Maharaj Yudhishthira was the only dog to take him to heaven. We should take good care of domesticated dogs. Also, it is important to protect yourself from unfamiliar dogs. As soon as he barks, we should be careful and defend ourselves.

Essay on Dog: 500 Words

Domestic dogs are better servants than friends. Much hard work is well done. They protect our homes and also act as part of the police, army and rescue operations. In some special circumstances, if their owner is blind, they also guide him.

Dog types

A dog has strong smelling power. People like them more because they are loyal and faithful. Dogs have many colors such as gray, white, black, brown and red. They are of many types, such as Bloodhound, Greyhound, German Shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, Bulldog, Puddle, Palmerian, Pug, etc. It has a long tail, which is always bent upwards. Their tail helps them to balance. In some breeds, the tail is also shorter.

Food and drink

Usually, dogs eat fish, meat, milk, rice, bread, etc. Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. They are easily grown in the domestic environment. Being omnivores, they eat anything with love. Nowadays, their food items are being sold in the markets too. Pedi-Gri is the best-selling product

Standard of living

They are usually loyal and prefer to be around humans. This helps reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, encouraging loneliness, exercise and sports, and even improving your heart health. A dog provides valuable companionship for adults.

Priceless friend

Dogs are so loyal to their owner that nothing can motivate them to leave their owner. The owner may be a poor man or a beggar, but still, the dog does not leave its owner. The dogs see their owner coming home from outside, they run to them and jump or lick at them to show their love. This is the way to show their love.

The most faithful pet

It is the most loyal of all the domesticated animals. It never forgets the favour of its owner or anyone. And is always ready to pay that favour. If there are small children in the house, then they take very good care of them. They do nothing even when they are bitten by them. And if someone rebukes the children, then they start barking.

Mythological Stories

We find many stories of dog loyalty in books. Yudhishthira had taken a dog to heaven. We should take good care of domesticated dogs. Also, it is necessary to protect ourselves from the dogs moving along the way, we should be careful and protect ourselves as soon as the dogs’ bark.
Dogs are honest friends who are always ready to die to save a friend. It can bite a thief or a stranger when they ignore its barking and try to act. Dogs always provide day and night protection to the owner. They wake up overnight and watch the house.


A dog is a loving companion of a man. He is ready to go everywhere with his boss. He shows his affection for his master by shaking his tail and licking his hand or face. If his master is blind, the dog helps him cross the road and serves as his loving guide.

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