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Hello, friends as I mentioned in my blog title here in this blog you will read the essay on Diwali in English where I mentioned every important topic about Diwali like the history of Diwali, celebration of Diwali, when we celebrate Diwali, why we celebrate Diwali and why should we celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali. So following we provided the article on Diwali and some paragraphs on Diwali. You can read it and also can use it as an essay.

Diwali essay in English
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Essay on Diwali in English

Diwali also called Deepawali is a festival of lights. It’s a Hindu festival but it is celebrated by all the people of a different religion with the same love and enthusiasm. Deepawali or Diwali is among the most well-known Hindu festival in the world. Diwali is not only celebrated in India it is celebrated worldwide with the same joy and craze. Diwali is the symbol of religious victory of the light overshadow. There are many legends behind the Diwali but the most popular legend is related to Ramayana. In Hindu mythology, there is a Hindu historical religious text Ramayana in which the Diwali celebration is described as the welcome festival on the occasion of the return of Rama with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman to their kingdom Ayodhya after a long 14 years of exile. So this is a festival to celebrate happiness together.
On this day and before sometime of Diwali people starts decorating their houses withes numerous forms of light to make it look attractive, neat, clean, beautiful. On this day people purchase new garments, clothes, and furniture to make things more attractive and beautiful. On the day of Diwali so many people start new businesses, purchases new assets like cars, home, etc. in the Diwali season shop owners make so much money because the selling of demanding products is very high. They embellish their homes with diyas both out and in.

Celebration of Diwali

According to the Hindu calendar Diwali or Deepawali falls on the months of Kartik and according to the English calendar, it falls in mid-October and mid-November. Diwali is celebrated the 20th day after Dushehra. In Diwali people worship or puja to the goddess Lakshmi for their wealth and prosperity. People distribute sweets and give presents to show love and happiness.
In India, Diwali is normally celebrated in 5 days with different names by different religions. The very first day of the festival, known also as Dhanteras which means wealth. On this day people buy new vessels and cloths and the folks start Diwali by cleaning their houses and making decorations of the floor and houses, like rangoli. And the second day is known as Choti Diwali in most of the regions. Then the third day, on this day we experience the darkest night Amavasya of the Kartik month on which the main festival Diwali is celebrated all over the country full of joy. And Diwali is celebrated continuously two days after the Amavasya i.e. new moon.
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Eco-friendly Diwali

Mainly Diwali is celebrated by bursting the crackers in huge numbers across the whole country. But this ritual of celebration of Diwali tends to increase pollution. It harms the environment at large scale. In leads to air pollution, noise pollution, and land pollution. It has been observed that after the celebration of the Diwali festival the air quality degrades to a great extent mainly in Delhi. This leads to a cause for many harmful diseases like breathing issues, headaches.
Every year the advisory notice issued by health government not to burst crackers. Celebrate Diwali crackers free but like every year this notice is only written in papers, no one listens to these types of warnings and bits of advice. People still celebrate Diwali by bursting huge no of crackers.
Now its time to listen to the demand of nature. This type of celebration if harmful to the environment and in the end it harms us and now we are seeing the effect of this. in the coming days if we do not take any big step it is impossible to live in Delhi. And this is the hazards which we create our self, we can’t blame anyone other.
So now its time to shift towards the Eco-friendly culture to save the environment and save our future. 
So avoid the crackers and celebrate Diwali with echo friendly way. Make the people more aware of this problem and request them to stop bursting crackers. Celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali by cleaning and decorating houses, distributing sweets and presents.


Here we explained all the facts about the essay on diwali. So, in the end, I request all people to please avoid such a hazardous celebration which causes to harm our environment. Celebrate the functions and rituals with echo friendly way to save the environment.

Diwali essay in English
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